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Environmental Metrics for Finance Industry

Easily locate, discover, analyze, and derive actionable environmental risk and impact metrics linked to your assets on a platform curated for financial institutions. 

What We Do

Automate Environmental risk and impact metrics on geolocalised  assets 

Metricsat brings to the finance industry an innovative technology to advance screening, verifying, and assessing environmental risks and impacts surrounding an asset location through a state-of-the-art Environmental Intelligence Platform (EIP).

The EIP  integrates AI and machine learning algorithms with a vast repository of satellite and environmental data to generate metrics that are both granular and globally relevant. The platform's user interface is designed for accessibility, catering to both technical and non-technical users, with AI-Copilot features for intuitive and guided analytics.

Financial actors can quickly connect to asset sources, define the relevant metrics (air, water, land, soil, habitat, species of interest) and uncover hidden insights in minutes.

Asset Level Environmental Metrics

By offering granular insights into the environmental impact and risks associated with individual assets, our platform enables financial institutions to make more informed choices.

Portfolio Level Environmental Metrics

Users can easily assess risks and impacts based on portfolios by integrating multiple personalsed criteria related to the sector, geography, ownership, screening criteria, and environmental objectives.

Tailored to Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

The platform offers precise environmental metrics and insights necessary for fulfilling reporting requirements under regulations such as the EU Taxonomy, SFDR, and TCFD, thereby streamlining compliance processes.

Data Security and Privacy

Leveraging on the Azure cloud platfrom, we integrate robust security measures to protect users privacy. 

Why Partner
with Metricsat

Reclaim more than 70% of time & resources spent on sourcing environmental metrics

Metricsat offers environmental intelligence-ready AI technology. This means users can process and analyze vast amounts of environmental data from various aggregated sources more efficiently generating precise and contextually relevant information. 

Real-time Monitoring and Agility

Metricsat provides the ability to monitor environmental changes in real-time allowing for dynamic adjustments to investment strategies, mitigating risks, and capturing opportunities promptly.

 The convergence of AI-driven analysis with the expansive monitoring capabilities of satellite data creates a robust framework for financial market participants be agile in response to environmental events such as natural disasters or unexpected regulatory changes

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